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Remembering the 2014 Army Public School Attack in Peshawar

At approximately 10:00 a.m., militants disguised in police uniforms and equipped with suicide vests stormed the school, firing their weapons indiscriminately. Students reported that the assailants entered the building, shouting “Allah-u-Akbar,” and began shooting in all directions. As children sought refuge under desks, the attackers methodically searched the classrooms, targeting and shooting the students one by one.


Islamabad, Pakistan – December 16, 2014 – It was a chilling morning that brought one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in Pakistan’s history. At the Army Public School in Peshawar, six militants dressed in police uniforms mercilessly targeted the institution, leading to the tragic deaths of at least 137 individuals, predominantly innocent children, and leaving over 200 others gravely injured.

The Dawn of Terror on a Dark Tuesday

The tranquility of the morning was shattered around 10:00 AM when militants infiltrated the school, which caters to children from both military and non-military families. The attackers unleashed chaos, opening fire indiscriminately as they stormed through the premises. Survivors recount the devastating scenes of attackers entering classrooms and ruthlessly shooting students who attempted to hide under their desks, all amid terrifying religious chants.

Heartbreaking Savagery Beyond Comprehension

The cruelty of the attack extended beyond gunfire. Reports from military personnel disclosed that a female office assistant was brutally burned alive in front of students, compounding the day’s atrocities with unimaginable horror. Taliban spokesperson Muhammad Umar Khorasani later claimed responsibility in what seemed a confusing statement to Reuters, indicting that their intended targets had been army personnel, not children.

National Grief and International Outrage

The catastrophe deepened as the scope of the assault became clear, with over a hundred children among the deceased. The tragedy sent shockwaves through Pakistan and drew global condemnation. As parents congregated outside the besieged school, the nation began a period of profound mourning and reflection, while ambulances rushed the injured and slain children to local hospitals.

A Critical Wake-Up Call

This brutal event highlighted the ongoing challenges Pakistan faces concerning extremist violence, a remnant of its past involvements during the 1980s. With emerging threats of alliances between the Taliban and ISIS, the urgency to address and curb such assaults became evident. The trajectory of increasing attacks not only threatens Pakistan but also regional security, encompassing neighboring nations like Afghanistan and India.

A Solemn Look Forward: Combating Extremism

The Army Public School attack is a stark reminder of the heinous potential of extremism. It underscores the necessity for a united and consistent effort to counteract terrorism globally. Stopping these militants is paramount, as their reach threatens to destabilize South East Asia and other regions.

As we reflect on this somber event, we’re reminded of the importance of advocating for peace and supporting initiatives aimed at preventing such tragedies. Join us in honoring the memories of those lost by contributing to and promoting global peace efforts. Share your reflections and engage in our continuing coverage and condemnation of terrorism. Together, we can strive for a safer world.

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