Naaman Griffin is a devout Christian and highly qualified individual with a strong track record of leadership and community service. He is known for his sweet and compassionate personality, as well as his strong work ethic and dedication to his family. As a devoted husband and father, Naaman is highly respected for his strong family values and his commitment to his loved ones. In addition to his role as a family man, Naaman is also a highly respected community leader with a proven track record of making a positive impact in his community. He is a trusted and reliable individual, and his kind and trustworthy nature makes him well-liked and respected by all who know him.
Ann Leake is a dynamic and compassionate individual with a passion for making a positive impact in her community. She is a devout Orthodox Jew and known for her kind and caring nature, as well as her dedication to helping others. As a devoted mother and community leader, Ann is highly respected for her strong family values and her commitment to improving the lives of those around her. In addition to her role as a family woman and community leader, Ann is also a highly skilled and accomplished professional. She has a strong track record of success in her field, and her expertise and experience make her a valuable asset to any team or organization. Ann’s passion for helping others, combined with her professional skills and experience, make her uniquely qualified to make a difference in her community and beyond.

Hailing from the vibrant and resilient landscapes of Pakistan, Pastor Saleem embodies a spirit of compassion and dedication that aligns with our core mission to assist persecuted minorities and combat slavery in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

A Journey of Faith and Service

Pastor Aneel Saleem serves as the Chairman of One Body of Christ Church and Ministries in Pakistan, a role that he embraces with unwavering passion and purpose. His journey in ministry is marked by a fervent commitment to spreading a message of love, hope, and compassion across communities.

Vision and Action

With a vision to illuminate the darkest corners of society with hope, Pastor Saleem actively engages in preaching and educational endeavors across various villages. His initiative extends beyond spiritual nourishment; he has founded a sewing center aimed at empowering women by equipping them with skills to support and sustain their families with independence and dignity.

Commitment to the Marginalized

At the heart of Pastor Saleem’s work is a profound dedication to the marginalized and vulnerable. From the homeless to families ensnared in brickyard slavery, and the care of orphans, his efforts are a testament to a life dedicated to service and impactful change.

A Call to Action

In his own words, Pastor Saleem invites you to join hands with our ministry, amplifying our collective impact to bring about transformative blessings in the communities we serve. His leadership and vision in Pakistan are instrumental in forwarding our mission to redeem the oppressed, offering a beacon of hope and a path to freedom for countless individuals.

Join Us in Support

As Pastor Saleem leads our efforts in Pakistan, we encourage you to consider supporting our cause. Together, we can extend our reach and deepen our impact, fostering a future where dignity, freedom, and hope are within everyone’s grasp.

With heartfelt gratitude and hope,

Pastor Aneel Saleem

Board Member, Redeem the Oppressed, Pakistan Division / Chairman, One Body of Christ Church and Ministries Pakistan

Simcha-Chaya Ben Avraham is a dedicated and compassionate individual with a strong sense of community. She is highly involved in charitable work, regularly volunteering her time and resources to help those in need. With a deep belief in the importance of giving back, Simcha-Chaya is always seeking new opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around her. In addition to her charitable endeavors, she is a mother, an artist, seamstress and creative writer. She is the founder of

Max Gibson (Mosheh Ben Avraham) is a highly accomplished and charitable individual, with a natural talent for leadership and a dedication to self-improvement. He has a strong record of academic and athletic achievement, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science and competing on their college’s cross country and track and field teams. In addition to their business acumen, Max co-founded the College Republicans and ran a successful moving and storage company before selling his share and starting a web development business.

Max and his firm Apex Web Services served as CTO to non-profit 501c3s Farrukh Saif Foundation and ‘Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.’

Max has also served in the military, becoming a combat veteran of three major wars in a prestigious infantry unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. As an Orthodox Jew, Max has a strong belief in God and a high level of discipline. He is known for his generosity, regularly donating a significant portion of his income to charity.


Redeem the Oppressed is an organization that works to help marginalized and oppressed individuals around the world. It was founded by Max Gibson as the continuation of the work started by the Rescue Christians Organization, Rescue the Persecuted and the Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.

The initial rescue work began in 2009 by Farrukh Harrison Saif with the goal of supporting marginalized minorities in Pakistan who are affected by religious discrimination, blasphemy laws, forced conversions, abductions, rape, and bonded slavery. The organization focused on the liberation of bonded laborers, particularly those working in brick kilns in rural areas of Pakistan. In 2017/2018, Farrukh merged with the US-based Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.

The Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved was founded in 2018 by Keith Davies and Farrukh Saif. It focused on rescuing individuals from slavery and persecution, particularly those in Pakistan working in brick kilns.

Since starting their work in 2009, these organizations combined have successfully rescued over 35,000 individuals from brick kilns in Pakistan and other programs. They have provided support and resources to marginalized communities around the world and advocated against the abuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan. From her founding in 2022, Redeem the Oppressed continues this important work in parallel, with the added goal of extending their programs to Afghanistan, Israel and Africa.

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