Breaking the cycle of slavery, building a better future.

Rescuing persecuted religious minorities from slavery and providing them with the support they need to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future.


Operation Lifeline: Rescuing Our Allies from Taliban Terror

In the wake of the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan, countless lives are at risk, including brave activists like Farid and Zarif, who have dedicated their lives to social activism, human rights, and progress. These individuals are dedicated Social & Human Rights Activist based in Kabul, that have been living in hiding for over a year due to threats from the Taliban.

Recognition and Accreditation


Breaking the Chains: Exposing the Horror of Modern Slavery in Pakistan's Brick Kilns

According to the DFID/DAI report on modern slavery in Pakistan (August 2019), workers in brick kilns are often subjected to bonded labor and debt bondage. Many of these workers are under-educated and lack economic mobility, and are recruited through brokers or middlemen and subjected to high levels of control and pressure to meet quotas. Children also contribute to the labor, and women are victims of sexual violence in these environments. Men are reluctant to protest this violence due to fear of repercussions affecting their employment and debt. Our organization works to rescue and support these individuals and families, and to raise awareness about the exploitation and abuse that occurs in these brick kilns. Our rescue teams buy the debt of these workers or, in extreme cases, rescue them under the cover of night.



Individuals Redeemed


5 Year Goal

How We Operate

How we uniquely take action


We learn about cases of abuse and slavery through partnerships, confidential reporting systems, research, and community and church networks.

Plan is

Our initial approach will depend on the Slaver's willingness to accept payment for the redemption of the family and whether or not legal action or involvement from the government is necessary.


If neither purchasing nor legal measures are effective, we will plan and execute a rescue mission to extract families who are interested in being rescued from a Kiln. This mission will involve taking out all of the families at once.

Living & Employment

Regardless of the method used to extract the family from slavery, we will always relocate them to a safe location far from Kilns and provide them with stable employment to break the cycle of abuse and slavery permanently.

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