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Redeem the Oppressed is distinct from other organizations that assist persecuted minorities in that our primary goal is to protect them from harm. While other organizations may raise awareness about the persecution, we act to save those in danger. We have encountered other organizations that have refused to assist in life-threatening situations, which is why we rely on donations and support from individuals like you. You can help those in need by donating food, shelter, and transportation. We can make a difference and save lives if we work together.


With YOUR Contributions We Have Been Able to Accomplish:

Our 2024 Goals Include:

Together, we can end Slavery


Slaves We Have Redeemed


Our Goal for 2024

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Your Donations at Work: Video Testimonials from Former Slaves on the Difference You've Made

**We are currently in the process of transferring all of our videos to this channel, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We have a quickly growing collection of well over 100 testimonials from former slaves that we will be sharing with you. Please bear with us as we update our content, and check back frequently for new updates. Thank you for your support.

Eradicating Slavery and Building a Better Future: Insights from Our Organization and Former Slaves

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