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Redeem the Oppressed Steps Up to Aid Persecuted Christians in Jaranwala, Pakistan

A Beacon of Hope in a Sea of Despair

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On August 16, 2023, a devastating event unfolded in Jaranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. A mob set fire to multiple churches and nearly 90 homes, leaving the Christian community in a state of ruin and despair. In these trying times, Redeem the Oppressed, in direct partnership with ECSPE, is committed to being a beacon of hope and relief for those affected by this calamity.

Immediate and Compassionate Action

Our specialized rescue team in Pakistan, which shares the same core board as ECSPE, sprang into action without delay. On August 31st, we distributed essential household items to 50 families who were severely impacted by the Jaranwala incident. These families had lost everything, from their homes to their sense of security. Our ongoing mission is to extend our aid to the remaining affected families in the coming weeks.

Funding Update: Your Support is Crucial

We are grateful to announce that we have successfully raised $20,000 to fund our relief efforts in Jaranwala. However, we are still short of $30,000 to fully fund the distribution of essential supplies to the affected families. Your support, whether through financial contributions, prayers, or spreading awareness, can make a monumental difference in the lives of those in need.

Join Our Mission

We invite you to be a part of our mission to support persecuted Christians in Pakistan and other regions. Your contributions, whether financial or through prayers, can significantly impact the lives of those enduring persecution for their unwavering faith.

Prayers for Our Brave Team

We also humbly request your prayers for our courageous team in Pakistan. They are risking their lives to bring hope and practical assistance to those in dire circumstances. Your prayers for their safety and effectiveness are invaluable to our mission.

Together, we can make a lasting impact and bring much-needed relief to those facing persecution.

By Max Gibson

Max Gibson, also known as Mosheh, holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and has competed on his college's crew, cross country and track and field teams. Max co-founded the College Republicans and has run successful businesses, including Apex Web Services, which serves as CTO for non-profits Farrukh Saif Foundation and 'Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.' He has been in a leadership position in the non-profit sector since 2011. In addition to his business pursuits, Max is a combat veteran of three major wars and is known for his generosity and strong belief in God.
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