Zarina Safi and fellow women's rights advocates in Afghanistan, portrayed in a compelling and respectful manner, symbolizing their strength and courage amidst adversity.
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“Operation Lifeline” Embarks on a Critical Rescue Mission for Women’s Rights Advocates in Afghanistan

In a bold next step for “Operation Lifeline,” an urgent rescue mission is underway for five women, notably including Zarina Safi, who have courageously stood up for women’s rights in the face of dire circumstances in Afghanistan. These women, despite having received higher education and holding college degrees, are now in a precarious situation, forced into hiding to escape the severe threats posed by their activism against the oppressive regime of the Taliban.

Zarina’s current reality is a stark contrast to the freedom and safety they advocate for; they are virtually cut off from the world, struggling daily for survival with barely enough food and water to sustain themselves. The physical and emotional toll of their situation is compounded by the health issues they now face as a result of the horrific torture and abuse inflicted upon them by the Taliban, including instances of sexual assault that leave deep scars not just on their bodies, but their souls.

The immediate needs of these women are clear: a safe haven where they can recover and rebuild, access to nourishing food, and crucial medical assistance to heal their battered bodies and spirits. Zarina Safi’s harrowing account of her assault by multiple men, and her ensuing struggle for even the most basic healthcare, underscores the acute urgency of their plight.

Amidst their suffering, when meeting with our team, these resilient women have managed to express their gratitude for the chance to relay their stories, specifically to a female representative, highlighting the sensitive and complex nature of their trauma. This preference points to the profound need for understanding and compassion in addressing the atrocities they have endured.

Zarina, alongside other young women in similar situations, are prepared to provide all necessary documentation to aid their rescue. Their willingness to share their experiences with our ground team, trusting in the sensitivity with which their stories are handled, is a testament to their strength and hope for a future free from persecution.

“Operation Lifeline” is committed to providing these women with the refuge and support they desperately need, acknowledging their bravery and the importance of their cause. The mission to save Zarina, and others like her is not just a rescue operation; it is a lifeline to those fighting for the basic human rights of women in Afghanistan, and a beacon of hope for a brighter, more equitable future.

The Crisis Unfolds: “We are Facing Death!”

Following the withdrawal of US/NATO forces, the power vacuum has enabled the Taliban to seize control, triggering a dire humanitarian emergency. Individuals like “Zarina Safi” (name altered for her safety), who have devoted their lives to social activism, human rights, and progress, now face mortal danger. The renewed regime threatens their very existence. In Zarina’s own words, “The Taliban have taken our rights to live.” Your immediate help is crucial to save Zarina and many others from this peril.

D&CO Member Killed for Partnering with US

Who Are We?  Redeeming the Oppressed

We are Redeem the Oppressed, established in 2011 with a leadership team active since 2006. Our track record of success and our commitment to transparency showcase our steadfast dedication. Read about our past success including redeeming over 35,000 lives here.

The Crisis in Afghanistan, “We are Horrified by the Taliban”

The Taliban’s resurgence has escalated risks for Afghans, especially those aligned with Western ideals and engaged in human rights, women’s empowerment, and social justice initiatives. Zarina and her peers face relentless persecution—being hunted, imprisoned, and assaulted, with their homes raided and lives in jeopardy. The threat is immediate, compelling urgent action. We aim to rescue 35 additional pre-screened families, each with a member directly targeted by the Taliban, who possess vital information now being used against them.

Our Mission is a Lifeline for the Oppressed

Our mission is to raise funds to aid Zarina and others like her in escaping from Afghanistan and finding safety. The funds raised will cover their evacuation costs, including travel expenses, legal fees, visas and resettlement costs in safer countries.

Donate Now to Save Lives, “Our Last Hope is With You”

Join us in this urgent mission to save Zarina and others like her. Your contribution can provide a lifeline to those who are risking their lives for a better Afghanistan.

Donate now and help us spread the word. Share our campaign with your friends, family, and social networks. You can also get involved by calling your local leaders, volunteering, organizing local fundraising events, advocating on social media, and more. Together, we can make a difference.

Zarif, from the Video above, was part of the first 3 families we saved from Afghanistan.

**Program Name: Lifeline Sponsorship Program

Program Description:

The Lifeline Sponsorship Program is a unique opportunity for donors to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families escaping danger in Afghanistan. By sponsoring a head-of-household, you’re not just providing financial support, you’re offering a lifeline to safety and a chance for a new beginning. Moreover, each family that is helped commits to working towards the rescue of another two at-risk families, creating a chain of hope and survival.

Sponsorship Details:

For (a) donation(s) of increments of $7000, a sponsor can cover the cost of a 2-year work visa, a flight out of Afghanistan, and two months of living expenses for a head-of-household. This donation can be the difference between life and death for these brave individuals.

Sponsorship Benefits:

As a Lifeline Sponsor, you will receive:

  1. Permanent Lifetime Recognition: Your name or your organization’s name will be permanently displayed on our website’s “Wall of Lifeline Sponsors”. This is a special section dedicated to recognizing the generous contributions of our Lifeline Sponsors.
  2. Special Letter/Video from the Family: You will receive a personal thank you letter or video message from the family you have sponsored (subject to their comfort and safety). This is a unique opportunity to see the direct impact of your donation.
  3. Regular Updates: You will receive regular updates on the progress of the individual or family you have sponsored. This could include updates on their journey, their resettlement process, and their new life in a safe country.
  4. Certificate of Appreciation: You will receive a digital Certificate of Appreciation, recognizing your significant contribution to the Lifeline Sponsorship Program.
  5. Invitations to Special Events: As a Lifeline Sponsor, you will be invited to special events, webinars, or meetings related to our mission and work.
  6. Impact Multiplication: The family you sponsor commits to working towards the rescue of another two at-risk families. You will be updated on this progress, allowing you to see how your donation has a multiplying effect.

By becoming a Lifeline Sponsor, you’re not just making a donation, you’re changing lives and creating a ripple effect of hope and survival. Join us in this mission and become a Lifeline Sponsor today.

Please note that all interactions with the sponsored individuals or families will be conducted in a manner that ensures their safety and privacy.

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