The Crisis That Unfolded, "We are Facing Death"

The US/NATO forces withdrawal from Afghanistan has brought the Taliban back into power, leading to an acute humanitarian crisis. People like “Farid” (name changed for security reasons), who have championed social activism, human rights, and progress, are now in severe danger. Their lives are being threatened, and we urgently need your help to save Farid and others like him. In the words of Farid himself, “I don’t know what will happen with me. The situation is very bad. I change my location every time I escape. But I don’t know what will happen with me. If the Taliban catches up to me, they will kill me.”

Who We Are - Turning Hope Into Action

We are Redeem the Oppressed, an organization that has been operating since 2011, but our board members have been involved in this kind of work since 2006. Our history of success and our commitment to transparency are testaments to our unwavering dedication. We have partnered with Rise Agenda and Forcefield NFP to ensure mission success.  Read about our past success including redeeming over 35,000 lives here.

Meet Farid: A Beacon of Hope in Darkness

Farid with NATO Commander Austin Scott Miller and US Ambassador John R. Bass
Farid with NATO Commander Austin Scott Miller and US Ambassador John R. Bass

Farid is a dedicated Social, Womens & Human Rights Activist based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has spent the past decade working and volunteering for various human rights organizations, welfare organizations, awareness campaigns, and protests. His work, which has consistently challenged the interests of the Taliban Regime, has made him a target. With several members of his organization targeted and assassinated by the Taliban and other terrorist groups, Farid has been living in hiding for over two years.

Afghanistan's Dire Struggle, "We are Horrified of the Taliban"

The resurgence of the Taliban has put many Afghans at dire risk, especially those who have supported the west, worked towards human rights, women’s empowerment, and social justice. Farid and others like him are being hunted down, their homes raided, and their lives threatened. The danger is imminent, and we must act now.  We are working to save 38 pre-screened families, all of whom directly worked with Pro-West forces in Afghanistan and each has a family member currently targeted by the Taliban. “Taliban got the full database of high government officials. They are targeting people… most of the government officials that weren’t killed are hidden or escaped from the Taliban by leaving the country.”

D&CO Member Killed for Partnering with US
D&CO Member Killed for Partnering with US

Our Mission: A Lifeline for the Oppressed

Our mission is to raise funds to aid Farid and others like him in escaping from Afghanistan and finding safety. The funds raised will cover their evacuation costs, including travel expenses, legal fees, visas and resettlement costs in safer countries.

Your Impact: How Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Your donation can make a profound difference in the lives of Farid and others like him. Here’s how your contribution can help:

  • – $25 can contribute to emergency supplies for those in hiding.
  • – $100 can help cover the cost of necessary legal documentation.
  • – $500 can contribute to the transportation costs /logistics for one person to reach a safer location within Afghanistan.
  • – $1,000 can help cover the cost of a flight out of Afghanistan for one person.
  • – $2,800 can pay for a 2-year work Visa in a safe country.
  • – $7,000 can significantly contribute to resettlement costs in a safer country (**Lifeline sponsor, details below).

Donate Now to Save Lives, "Our Last Hope is With You"

Join us in this urgent mission to save Farid and others like him. Your contribution can provide a lifeline to those who are risking their lives for a better Afghanistan.

Donate now and help us spread the word. Share our campaign with your friends, family, and social networks. You can also get involved by calling your local leaders, volunteering, organizing local fundraising events, advocating on social media, and more. Together, we can make a difference.

**Program Name: Lifeline Sponsorship Program

Program Description:

The Lifeline Sponsorship Program is a unique opportunity for donors to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families escaping danger in Afghanistan. By sponsoring a head-of-household, you’re not just providing financial support, you’re offering a lifeline to safety and a chance for a new beginning. Moreover, each family that is helped commits to working towards the rescue of another two at-risk families, creating a chain of hope and survival.

Sponsorship Details:

For (a) donation(s) of increments of $7000, a sponsor can cover the cost of a 2-year work visa, a flight out of Afghanistan, and two months of living expenses for a head-of-household. This donation can be the difference between life and death for these brave individuals.

Sponsorship Benefits:

As a Lifeline Sponsor, you will receive:

  1. Permanent Lifetime Recognition: Your name or your organization’s name will be permanently displayed on our website’s “Wall of Lifeline Sponsors”. This is a special section dedicated to recognizing the generous contributions of our Lifeline Sponsors.

  2. Special Letter/Video from the Family: You will receive a personal thank you letter or video message from the family you have sponsored (subject to their comfort and safety). This is a unique opportunity to see the direct impact of your donation.

  3. Regular Updates: You will receive regular updates on the progress of the individual or family you have sponsored. This could include updates on their journey, their resettlement process, and their new life in a safe country.

  4. Certificate of Appreciation: You will receive a digital Certificate of Appreciation, recognizing your significant contribution to the Lifeline Sponsorship Program.

  5. Invitations to Special Events: As a Lifeline Sponsor, you will be invited to special events, webinars, or meetings related to our mission and work.

  6. Impact Multiplication: The family you sponsor commits to working towards the rescue of another two at-risk families. You will be updated on this progress, allowing you to see how your donation has a multiplying effect.

By becoming a Lifeline Sponsor, you’re not just making a donation, you’re changing lives and creating a ripple effect of hope and survival. Join us in this mission and become a Lifeline Sponsor today.

Please note that all interactions with the sponsored individuals or families will be conducted in a manner that ensures their safety and privacy.

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