Liberated, Rescue, Rehabilitation Missions

We Liberated 123 people from slavery

In Past years, we were able to liberate more than 36,000 people from Slavery in Pakistan. However, due to the limited resources, we were not able to rescue a large number of People from Slavery.

But by the grace of God, we liberated 123 people from slavery on March 31st, 2022. This was the first slave rescue mission in 2022.

These people were facing hardships and persecution from the owner of the kiln, who is an influential person and is well associated with the Pakistani political establishment.

One of the biggest dangers facing these families was the forced conversion to Islam. The owner and manager of the kiln were forcing families who could not pay their debts to marry off their daughters to elderly Muslim men and convert to Islam.

These families were not allowed to leave the premises and could not be given any leave, even during illness. And if anyone tried to escape, they were being publicly tortured and reported to the police that he has escaped by stealing. Many such incidents have happened to these people.

They were not even allowed to go out of the church, only one pastor was allowed to come and worship them once a month. The pastor, who visited them almost every month, was constantly asking for help, but no church or institution was willing to help because of the fear of the kiln owner.

On the first week of March, this pastor met with our team member and expalin him about the situation in the Kiln. When our team member visited the kiln, he gathered all the information and found out that the owner of the kiln had now given Christian slaves a deadline to convert to Islam.

After discussing various plans, we finalized a plan which was completely foolproof and there was no risk of getting caught. On the night of 31st March our team rescued all 123 people from the Kiln Slavery and safely moved them to the safe homes in a distance city. Where they were provided new accomodation and Jobs.