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Breaking the Chains of Bondage – Missions to Free Families from Kiln Slavery (August 2018)

In the heart of humanitarian efforts, August 2018 marked a significant milestone for our friends at Through their relentless pursuit of justice and compassion, they successfully liberated eight families from the grim clutches of kiln slavery. These families were not only physically removed from their place of bondage but were also given a fresh start in a secure location, complete with opportunities for better employment and improved living conditions.

A Glimpse into Freedom

The journey towards freedom is fraught with challenges, primarily financial constraints that hamper the ability to rescue more families languishing under forced labor. Despite these obstacles, the success stories of the families who have found new hope through ECPSE’s efforts shed light on the profound impact of their mission. The transition to a safer environment and the provision of dignified employment are critical steps in restoring their rights and well-being.

The Path Forward

There’s an undeniable need for increased support to continue this noble cause. With more resources, organizations like ECPSE can extend their reach, liberate more families from such dire situations, and provide them with the necessities to rebuild their lives.

Join us in this crucial mission to eradicate modern-day slavery and offer a beacon of hope to those in need. Every contribution, big or small, can pave the way for freedom and a better future for many more families.

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S.NrNamesNumber of Family Members
1Arshad and Family6
2Maqsood and Family6
3Khalid Mehmood and Family7
4Babar & Family5
5Qasim Khalid and Family5
6Shoail Shahid and Family6
7Raisat Masih7
8Naveed Inayat 7