Rescue, Rehabilitation Missions

Transforming Lives: A Mission to Eradicate Slavery and Provide New Beginnings

In September 2018, our friends at embarked on a heroic mission that significantly transformed the lives of several families trapped in harmful conditions. Known for their dedication to combating human rights abuses, ECSPE successfully rescued six families from the clutches of kiln slavery, offering them a fresh start in Karachi’s bustling industrial city. This move was not just about location but about providing these families with new opportunities for employment and a safer living environment.

A New Chapter in Karachi

Upon their relocation, the primary focus was to secure a bright future for the children of these families. Understanding the power of education as a tool for change, ECSPE collaborated with benevolent volunteers who dedicated their time to teach these children fundamental educational skills. This initiative ensured that they would soon be prepared to integrate into regular schooling, setting them on a path to greater opportunities and empowerment.

Protecting the Vulnerable

In addition to rescuing families, ECSPE took significant steps in safeguarding individuals persecuted under harsh laws. An example of their relentless effort was the case of Usman Liaquat. After being incarcerated under blasphemy laws, Usman was released from jail in February 2018. However, his freedom was overshadowed by looming threats from extremist groups. Prioritizing his safety, ECSPE facilitated his relocation to a secure, undisclosed location, thereby shielding him from further harm.

The Impact by Numbers

Here’s a closer look at the families whose lives have been significantly impacted through ECSPE’s intervention:

1. **Nadeem Munawar & Family** – 7 members

2. **Dildar Bhatti & Family** – 5 members

3. **Yousaf Pervaiz & Family** – 8 members

4. **Javed Gafoor & Family** – 5 members

5. **Zahoor Ahmed & Family** – 6 members

6. **Ejaz Anwar** – 7 members

These numbers represent more than just statistics; they embody real lives uplifted from despair to hope.

Looking Forward

ECSPE continues to champion the rights of those oppressed and is committed to its mission of freeing individuals from slavery and persecution. The journey of these families and individuals is a testament to the profound impact collective action and compassion can have on the world.