Rescuing Girls

Razia Bibi, went through a horrible Experience while in Slavery

Razia Bibi, went through a horrible experience while in the Slavery in Pakistan. She was born in an enslaved family in Punjab, Pakistan. Since her childhood she was often raped by the Kiln owners and their accountants. Even After getting married to Sabir, her situation was not changed. She was repeatedly raped by the people in the Kiln. Being poor and helpless, her family was unable to do anything against the rapists as they were under the huge debt.

When our team contacted the family and found their situation, we immediately Rescued the family from Slavery to avoid any further assault to this poor woman.

Thanks to our Supporters and donors who make this possible to Rescue her, now Razia and Family are saved from assault and slavery.
Listen to her story and feel the pain she had gone through.