Rescue, Rehabilitation Missions

ECSPE Rescue Missions for November & December, 2018

With the modest resources at our disposal, our organization is dedicated to liberating individuals enslaved in Pakistan’s brick kilns. Over the past two months, ECSPE has successfully freed 15 families from various kilns across the country. These families have since been integrated into society and are now experiencing improved living conditions. They have ensured they have secure housing and stable employment, enabling them to support their families.

Following are the names of the families:

S.NrNamesNumber of Family Members
1Yaqoob And family6
2Munawar And family5
3Rafeeq And family6
4Shahbaz and Family5
5Rasheed and Family5
6Kamarn Masih and Family6
7Allah ditta and Family7
8Joseph and Family6
9Hussain and Family8
10Javed and Family3
11Bashir and Family5
12Khalida Bibi and Family4
13Noor Ahmed and Family3
14Nadeem and Family7
15Rafique Masih5
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