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Incredible Journey to Freedom: Rescue Mission Report, April-June 2019

In a remarkable effort spanning from April to June 2019, the ECSPE Organization successfully championed the cause of freedom by rescuing 29 families from the dire conditions of brick kiln slavery in Pakistan. These families, previously bound to a life of harsh labor, found new beginnings thanks to the concerted efforts of ECSPE.

A New Chapter for 29 Families

During this intensive rescue mission, our team worked diligently to ensure that every family was safely relocated to a secure environment. Here, not only were they provided with new homes, but they were also given opportunities to rebuild their lives with dignity. To smoothly integrate both adults and children into mainstream society, ECSPE initiated education programs tailored specifically for them. This educational support is crucial as it prepares the children for formal schooling and adults for new employment opportunities.

We are incredibly grateful for the continued support from our donors and volunteers, whose generosity plays a pivotal role in liberating these individuals from the clutches of slavery.

Families Touched by Freedom

Here is a glimpse at some of the families whose lives have been transformed through this mission:

– Abid and Zara, along with their child.

– Ashraf Masih and his family of six.

– Arshad Faiz and his family, five members strong.

– A complete list of the families and their members is detailed in the image attached below.

This list represents not just numbers, but real lives that are now free from the bondage of forced labor, families who now hold on to the hope of a better, more prosperous future.

ECSPE’s Ongoing Commitment

Our commitment to eradicating modern-day slavery continues with undiminished passion. ECSPE remains dedicated to fighting against injustices like brick kiln slavery and providing rescued individuals with the tools and support needed to reclaim their freedom and independence.

The journey of these 29 families is a beacon of hope and a testament to the difference collective action can make. We invite you to join us in this noble cause: your support can light the path to freedom for many more. 

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