Rescue, Rehabilitation Missions

Liberating Lives and Rebuilding Futures with ECSPE – July to September 2019

A Beacon of Hope from July to September 2019

In the heart of Pakistan, a profound transformation took place between July and September 2019 under the guiding hand of the ECSPE organization. Thanks to the unwavering support of their donors and advocates, we celebrated a monumental success in our ongoing battle against modern slavery. It is with immense pride that we share the liberation of 25 families from the harsh realities of bonded labor in brick kilns.

Unwavering Commitment to Liberation

Our work is advocacy, rescue and about restoring dignity and freedom. The emancipation of these families marks a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit to eradicate slavery. This achievement by ECSPE highlights a period of intense effort and dedication by their team, despite the limitations posed by current resources. Even with these constraints, resolve remains strong, fueled by the belief that with increased support, we can continue to break the chains of bondage for many more.

A New Beginning for Rescued Families

Post-rescue, the journey of these families takes a hopeful turn as they are relocated to new cities. Under the vigilant supervision of ECSPE, they receive extensive support and resources needed to start anew. Far from the oppression that once overshadowed their lives, these individuals now face a future brimming with possibilities. The relocation to new environments is a crucial step in their path toward healing, recovery, and eventual independence, illustrating a fresh start and a second chance at life.

List of Families Emancipated

The list below highlights the families whose lives have been forever changed (photos below):

1. Khalid Abbas and Family – 4 members

2. Asif Rehman and Family – 5 members

3. Baber Masih and Family – 6 members

4. Dershen Lal and Family – 6 members

5. Munir Javed and Family – 6 members

6. Imtaiz Gul and Family – 7 members

7. Maalik Mehmood and Family – 5 members

8. Nadeem Abbas and Family – 6 members

9. Niyamat Javed and Family – 5 members

10. Patras and Family – 4 members

11. Sabir Hafeez and Family – 6 members

12. Salamat Masih and Family – 5 members

13. Saleem Masih and Family – 3 members

14. Waris Yousaf and Family – 5 members

15. Babar Amanat and Family – 4 members

16. Shakeel Mehmood and Family – 5 members

17. Shabaz and Family – 4 members

18. Zahid Perviaz and Family – 3 members

19. Arshad Masih and Family – 6 members

20. Ayub and Family – 4 members

21. Allah Ditta and Family – 5 members

22. Khalid Javed and Family – 7 members

23. Amanat Masih and Family – 6 members

24. Naseer and Family – 6 members

25. Roshan Masih and Family – 5 members

Join Us in Making a Difference

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who supports these missions. Your generosity makes these life-changing endeavors possible. We encourage others to join us in this noble cause. Whether through donations or volunteering, your help can pave the way for many more stories of freedom and hope.

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Let’s unite to liberate and rebuild lives. Together, we can make freedom a reality for all.