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Asylum Seekers in Bangkok: A Cry for Help and Humanity

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In the bustling city of Bangkok, known for its vibrant tourist life, a grave humanitarian concern casts a shadow over the Samrong district. Since March 2, 2015, the area has been the site of intense immigration raids targeting Pakistani asylum seekers, transforming their quest for safety into a living nightmare.

A Harrowing Encounter with Fear and Desperation

Imagine the scene: anxious families huddled inside their homes, the streets eerily silent as they are cordoned off by Thai military forces. For these individuals, regarded as criminals in a swoop-in operation, the emotional toll is explicit through their hopeless eyes and frightened expressions.

The raids began without warning. Thai soldiers forcefully smashed through doors, indiscriminately detaining men, women, and children alike. Scenes inside the Samrong Police station were no less harrowing, as detained individuals pleaded for their freedom, presenting asylum certificates that were summarily ignored by the authorities.

Inhuman Treatment of the Vulnerable

Inside the cold confines of the police station, the lack of humanity was palpable. Detainees, including 44 children ranging from 7 months to 12 years old, found themselves herded onto the floor, their cries for water and milk painting a heart-wrenching picture. The total count of those arrested in these recent crackdowns rises to 176, over just eleven days, amplifying fears of potential deportations reminiscent of last year’s incidents involving Sri Lankan asylum seekers.

An Urgent Call for International Intervention

The current situation in Bangkok is a test of our global commitment to human rights. These families urgently require the attention and intervention of international human rights organizations, particularly the UNHCR in Thailand. The objective is clear: to ensure the safety and rights of those who have fled peril are upheld, rather than disregarded under the guise of immigration control.

We need to stand with the UNHCR and support initiatives that protect these vulnerable members of our global community. Additionally, it is crucial for all refugees and asylum seekers to remain cautious and limit unnecessary exposure during these tumultuous times.

How You Can Help

In the face of such adversity, your voice matters. Advocate for the rights and protection of asylum seekers around the world by contacting and supporting human rights agencies. Together, we can ensure that no one is criminalized simply for seeking safe haven from conflict and desperation.

Your support can make a difference in the lives of those who currently live in fear and uncertainty. Let us unite and call on the global community to act swiftly and compassionately. **Stand up for the rights of asylum seekers today.**

**Join the cause, lend your voice, and be a beacon of hope.**

By Max Gibson

Max Gibson, also known as Mosheh, holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and has competed on his college's crew, cross country and track and field teams. Max co-founded the College Republicans and has run successful businesses, including Apex Web Services, which serves as CTO for non-profits Farrukh Saif Foundation and 'Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.' He has been in a leadership position in the non-profit sector since 2011. In addition to his business pursuits, Max is a combat veteran of three major wars and is known for his generosity and strong belief in God.
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