Mehboob Masih and his children standing with their new supplies after being rescued from brick kiln slavery
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Inspiring Rescue of Mehboob Masih’s Family from Pakistan’s Brick Kilns

Amidst the sweltering heat and relentless toil of Pakistan’s brick kilns, where families are trapped in a brutal cycle of debt and enslavement, a glimmer of hope has emerged. Redeem the Oppressed, a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to liberating the enslaved and empowering the marginalized, is overjoyed to share the heartwarming story of Mehboob Masih and his family’s rescue.

A Life of Hardship:

Mehboob, a widowed father, and his children, including his courageous daughter Aisha, have endured unimaginable hardships in the brick kilns. Toiling from sunrise to sunset under the scorching sun, their lives were defined by suffering and despair. Even when the kiln owners inflicted a severe burn injury on Aisha as a cruel punishment for her defiance, her indomitable spirit kept her working to help her family survive.

A Miraculous Intervention:

In the midst of their desperation, we were blessed with the means to intervene. Our fearless ground team, led by the compassionate Pastor Aneel Saleem, approached the brick kiln with an unwavering determination to set Mehboob’s family free.

Breaking the Chains:

In a poignant encounter, Pastor Aneel Saleem asked Mehboob about his plight:

  • Pastor Aneel Saleem: “How did you find yourself in this situation?”
  • Mehboob: “When my wife fell ill, I had no choice but to borrow money from the kiln owner. Now, my young children and I work tirelessly to repay a debt that only seems to grow.”
  • Pastor Aneel Saleem: “Today, by God’s grace and in the name of Jesus, we will break those chains and set you free.”
  • Together: “Hallelujah! The brick kiln will hold us no more!”

Thanks to the generous donations from our supporters, we paid off their debt in full, shattering the shackles that had bound them for so long.

A New Chapter:

To bring joy back into their lives, we took the children and family shopping for new clothes and essentials. We moved them into a safe new home, providing three months of food and rent. Now, Mehboob and his children can finally dare to dream of a future filled with freedom, hope, and happiness.

Heartfelt Gratitude:

  • The children: “Thank you so much, brother!”
  • Pastor Aneel Saleem: “Praise the Lord! Greetings from Pakistan. We are overjoyed to share the good news of another family freed from the brick kiln’s slavery. We are immensely grateful to all of you who prayed for us and donated to our cause. Your support has made this life-changing rescue possible. Please continue to pray for us and our mission, so that we may do even more for God’s kingdom and liberate more families. Thank you, and may God bless you abundantly.”

The Mission Continues: Four More Families Need Your Help

While we celebrate the rescue of Mehboob’s family, our hearts remain heavy, knowing that four more families are still trapped in the brick kilns’ relentless cycle of bonded labor. Each family has their own heart-wrenching story and is in dire need of our support:

  1. Shakeel Masih’s Family: A tragic accident cost Shakeel his hand, plunging him, his wife Salma, and their children into acute poverty. We need your help to clear their debt and establish a small business for Shakeel, providing them with a sustainable future.
  2. The Sisters, Bhusra and Shakeela: These widowed sisters face immense challenges, including disability and cancer, while striving to raise their children in oppressive conditions. They desperately need our assistance to break free from bondage.
  3. Yousaf Mustaq Masih’s Family: An accident left Yousaf incapacitated, leaving his wife Nabila and their six children to struggle in dire circumstances. With your support, we can free them from debt and fund a business, paving the way for a stable, secure life.
  4. Babar Masih and Chanda Bibi: This couple and their children face the added anguish of their daughter’s battle with cancer. They urgently need financial help to escape bondage and provide their daughter with the medical care she needs.

Our goal is to raise approximately $8,000 to rescue these four families. These funds will directly pay off their debts to the kiln owners, establish small businesses for sustainable income, and cover immediate healthcare needs, offering each family a chance at a new beginning.

Your Immediate Support is Vital:

Your contributions not only free individuals from physical bondage but also restore their dignity and hope. Our past campaigns have successfully liberated over 1,000 individuals, showcasing the incredible impact of your timely support.

Be a Part of the Solution:

Your ongoing support is the lifeline these families need. Every donation helps us break the chains of slavery and restore hope for a brighter future. Please consider making a donation today to help more families like Mehboob’s.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to redeem the oppressed. Together, we can transform lives and bring hope to those who need it most.

Donors that made this happen (if you are not listed, your funds were carried over to help for the next family):

Jude Lobo
Claire Warren
Jorge Cuadra
Abe Abraham
Markus Räsänen
Carole Beck
Christina Ackermann
Jan Brosius
Leonie Graham
+ 7 Anonymous Donors

By Max Gibson

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