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Burnt for Being Christian

 Please do not burn me…Please help me….I am poor Pakistani Christian …Oh God help me …. Please save me ….

These might me the last words of Innocent Pakistani Christian boys Sunny Masih and Nauman Masih!

These two Christian boys became the target of Muslim extremism in Pakistan. Sunny Masih who was supported by our partner Organization RESCUE CHRISTIANS was burnt on 20th of March 2015 by a Muslim kiln owner in Sheikhpura district. His crime was that he demanded some money from the Muslim kiln owner, he just requested him to pay him his wages for which he was first beaten and then pushed on the burning coals of the furnace by Haji Ilyas Dogar (the owner of the Kiln).

According to the doctors his body was 80 percent burnt but they still had hope that he would recover. Sadly, after a 28 day fight for life he passed away on 18th April, 2015.

Similarly on 10th April, another Christian boy, Nouman Masih, aged 15 years, was beaten and set on fire by two Muslim men. He was going home when two unknown men stopped him and asked him about his faith. When he replied that he was Christian, they started beating him and threw kerosene on him and set him on fire. After 5 days fighting for his life he died on 15th April .

All the major crimes against minorities are done mostly in Punjab province. The Nawaz (Sharif) government has always strengthened the terrorists and supported them in every way. Either terrorists are freed from Police stations or from court. In the tragic incident of twin blasts in Youhanabad, Lahore, the provincial and federal government acted as previously and Shahbaz (Sharif) visited the homes of both suspected terrorists and assured their families that the government will support them. It is really alarming that Police arrested both suspected terrorists carrying pistols but then failed to keep them in custody. Later it was clear that both men were involved in the bomb blasts. Where is the credibility of Shahbaz Sahrif when he assures minorities that he will defend them as the Chief Minister of Punjab?

Sunny and Nouman mentioned early were both in their youth, they were innocent Christian boys and they were not terrorists, not carrying any weapons, nor were they wearing suicide vests.  Perhaps that was why the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr.  Shahbaz Sharif, did not visit their homes as he had visited the homes of the Youhanabad bombing suspects.  Was it because they were just poor Christians? Why didn’t Shahbaz Sahrif visit the families of Youhanabad bomb blast victims? It is shameful for minorities who vote these criminal minded people to become leader. Was this catalogue of police incompetence just a planned drama of some by elements in the government to misrepresent Christians as hostile people?

Police have arrested hundreds of Christian youngsters without evidence against them. Is there some kind of official policy to try to present Christians in a negative light as a prelude to a major crackdown on the Christian Leadership?

With the complete support of the government, police are still arresting innocent young men from Youhanabad. One young man, Asif Masih, is already dead as a result of brutal torture at the hands of the Punjab police. Shabaz (Sharif)  is the chief minister, he is duty bound by the Constitution is to protect the rights  of minorities. However,   he sits on his hands when Christians need his help, but seems to be quickly to his feet when it comes to giving comfort to terrorists.

One report mentioned that one of the planners, Ghulam Hussain, was arrested by Punjab police and confessed that these blasts were completely organized by some institution. Why is this man or Taliban terrorists safe in Punjab police custody when people like Asif Masih are tortured to death? Of course Ghulam Hussain is Muslim not Christian and it seems that only Christian youth are the ones who are arrested and tortured by Punjab police. Who is behind all this?

Many Christians were killed under Punjab police custody. Are the Punjab police afraid to investigate crimes against Christians and is there a cover up under way to prevent deaths of Christians in police custody from coming to broader international attention?

On whose direction are Punjab police finding terrorists among the victims. There is no office of any banned organization in any Church in Pakistan! If they want to find terrorists perhaps they should be looking in the madrassa’s or in government departments. After all, the handler in the Peshawar school attack was a government employee!

Pakistani Christians are not safe in Pakistan. They are burnt alive, their property looted and their girls abducted and gang raped. Some elements in the Government are still supporting terrorism; courts are bailing out terrorists and criminals, and police never seem to be on hand to help the victims of persecution. As the victims of the Youhanabad atrocity are ignored by the government, the Police are arresting young Christian men and torturing them!.

What have the Christians of Pakistan done against state or present government? Are they demanding separate homeland like Bengalis or Boluchi’s? Why does every government fail to protect Christians in Pakistan? Why are Christians victims of  Islamic Persecution? Every year hundreds of Christian girls are abducted and forced to convert to Islam. The governments is clearly incapable of providing equal rights to its citizens!

Who will provide justice for Sunny and Nauman? Who will arrest the terrorists who attacked the Youhanabad Churches?  Pakistan may no longer be safe for religious minorities whether they be Christian or members of other minority faith communities, but it does seem to be a safe haven for terrorists!

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