Blasphemy cases

Barkat Masih Victim of Blasphemy law

Victim Name: Barkat Masih

Aged: – 56

Accusation: 295-C

Date of FIR: 1st October, 2011

Family members: wife, 4 sons, 1 daughter


A Christian Man named Barkat Masih Aged 56 resident of Khairpur Temawali District Bahawalpur was falsely accused under the controversial Blasphemy Law. Barkat Masih is a Converted Christian from Hinduism, He was working as a sweeper /cleaner in  Faazal High School as well in Madrisa Khair Ul-Aloom. And at night works at nearby Muslim Shrine as cleaner.  He has a good reputation in all these three working places , his superiors liked him for his honesty, hard work and he was considered as a trustworthy person.

As one of the group in Khairpur Temawali wanted to occupy the shrine and in the regard they tried to use Barket Masih. They asked him to give them the duplicate keys of the shrine so that they could take the property papers of the land (On which the Shrine was built). Barkat Masih being an honest worker refused them as he did not want to be a part of their  mala fide intention . Muhammad Saleem , Muhammad Shoaib , threaten him for Consequences, after one month they submitted an application in the Police Station of Khairpur Temawali that Barkat Masih has committed Blasphemy against Prophet of Islam and Allah.

On 1st October, 2011 an FIR was registered against Barkat Masih bearing No. 392/11 at Khairpur Temawali under-section 295 –C. He was arrested by police and sent to Central Jail Bahawalpur.

Once again an innocent man was persecuted under the Controversial Blasphemy law; this law has been used as a tool to settle the personal grievances.

When our  team came to know about this case they immediately contact the Bahawalpur session court, and with the efforts of our field officer , SSP submitted his statement in the trial court that “Barkat Masih is Innocent”. Our lawyers are doing their best to discharged the case against Barkat Masih . On 8th Nov, 2012 his case is fixed for final hearing. We would request you to please keep Barkat Masih and his family in your Prayers.

By Max Gibson

Max Gibson, also known as Mosheh, holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and has competed on his college's crew, cross country and track and field teams. Max co-founded the College Republicans and has run successful businesses, including Apex Web Services, which serves as CTO for non-profits Farrukh Saif Foundation and 'Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.' He has been in a leadership position in the non-profit sector since 2011. In addition to his business pursuits, Max is a combat veteran of three major wars and is known for his generosity and strong belief in God.
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