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Asad David’s Journey to Freedom Beyond Borders

Asad David’s odyssey from Pakistan to Thailand was fueled by a dire need for safety and a life away from persecution. In 2014, seeking to escape the oppressive conditions in his native country, Asad embarked on a journey to Thailand, a path fraught with challenges and the hope for refuge. However, what awaited him was an arduous encounter with Thailand’s stringent immigration policies.

Upon seeking asylum through the UNHCR, Asad found himself ensnared in legal complexities, leading to his arrest in Bangkok for lacking proper immigration status. This resulted in a harrowing six-month stint in the Immigration Detention Center (IDC), a period marked by severe conditions and the looming dread of an uncertain future, casting a shadow over Asad’s quest for freedom.

In the midst of despair, a beacon of hope emerged in the person of Mr. Farrukh Saif, a devout Christian and a founding member of ECSPE. Moved by the distressing circumstances faced by asylum seekers like Asad, Mr. Saif stepped in with decisive compassion. By securing Asad’s release from the IDC through a bail payment of 50,000 Thai Baht, Mr. Saif not only liberated Asad from the physical confines of detention but also reignited a flame of hope within him, demonstrating the profound impact of human kindness in the darkest of times.

Original article: Asad David Set Free from IDC Bangkok | ECSPE

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