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Rising Tide of Violence Against Christians in Pakistan

In recent years, the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan, particularly Christians, has drawn international concern due to escalating violence and discrimination. This distressing trend has been notably rising, marking each day with new incidents of persecution over the last two decades.

A tragic event unfolded on February 14, 2022, in Lahore, Pakistan, spotlighting the severe challenges faced by the Christian community. Pervez Masih, a 25-year-old Christian man, was brutally murdered following a confrontation at his video game store. The incident began the preceding night when a group of young men entered Masih’s establishment. They urged Masih to engage in gambling, but he firmly declined. This refusal led to a heated exchange of words, setting the stage for the following day’s violence.

In a shocking display of brutality, approximately 200 men stormed a Christian colony, targeting its residents with a vicious attack. Among the victims were Pervez Masih and his uncle, Akhtar Bhatti. As the mob assaulted Bhatti, Masih attempted to intervene and protect his uncle. This act of bravery, however, led to Masih being forcefully dragged away and savagely beaten with sticks and bricks. The attack reached its grim conclusion when Sohni Allah Dutta, one of the assailants, delivered a fatal blow to Masih’s head. Realizing the gravity of their actions, the attackers quickly fled the scene.

In the aftermath, local police filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the perpetrators. Yet, despite this legal action, arrests remain pending, casting doubt on the efficacy of the response to such hate crimes.

The relentless persecution of Christians in Pakistan has reached alarming levels, with the government and its institutions appearing overwhelmed and ineffective in curbing this wave of violence. This incident underscores the urgent need for the international community to advocate for the rights and protection of oppressed Christians in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of global solidarity and intervention in addressing religious persecution.

Original article from ECSPE.