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Western Ammunition Appears On Ukraine’s Battlefield As Heavy Fighting Starts

Western ammunition appears on the battlefield as Ukraine plunges into heavy fighting with Russia. The Ukrainian troops backed by tanks, artillery and drones have launched massive attacks on occupying Russian forces as a counter-offensive; it had been planned since few months.

Ukraine’s military has launched attacks in the key southern Zaporizhzhia region, Russian officials and military bloggers said. They maintained that the Ukraine’s forces are trying to advance south of the town of Orikhiv for the second night running. On the other hand, Ukrainian deputy defence minister Hanna Maliar said Russia was “actively on the defensive” in the Orihiv area of Zaporizhzhia region.

However, the reports of the counter-offensive have been refuted by Ukraine’s defence ministry yet some officials said an active phase of counterattack to push Russia back from Ukrainian territory has begun. In the face of raging war, powerful Western tanks and ammunition sent to Ukraine by its allies have finally emerged on the battlefield.

As the counteroffensive shifts into high gear, the Russian forces report a surge in attacks including fighting outside of the town of Tokmak, a Russian logistical hub – is said to involve Western-supplied tanks, armoured vehicles and infantry backed by artillery. Russian bloggers confirms presence of at least two Leopard 2 Tanks sent by Germany. Additionally, at least two US-produced M113 armoured personnel carriers, or APCs, were also seen in a video shared by Russian military bloggers.

Additionally, Leopard II main battle tanks were also seen in the Zaporizhzhia region where Ukraine’s forces scaled-up their assault on Russian lines in the southern region. Worth mentioning that , Zaporizhzhia region is home to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, which is in an area controlled by Russian forces.

Retaliating Russian troops unleashed a new air strike on Ukraine overnight, killing at least one person in a combined assault of cruise missiles and attack drones, Ukrainian authorities said. The Ukrainian military reports that four out of six missiles launched during the attack were downed. The assault lasted around six hours, Ukraine said.

By Max Gibson

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