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Combating Modern Slavery in Pakistan: A Mission of Liberation

The Grim Reality of Modern Slavery

A recent study highlights the alarming prevalence of slavery, classifying it as one of the gravest criminal activities globally. In an eye-opening revelation, individuals are coerced into labor, losing their freedom and dignity under the control of others. This pressing issue takes us to the heart of South Punjab, Pakistan, where our organization is committed to fighting this inhuman practice.

Rescue Mission in South Punjab: A Beacon of Hope

In May 2023,’s team journeyed to a brick kiln in South Punjab, a known hotspot for forced labor practices, to collect crucial data on Christian slaves—a group found to be particularly at risk. Our findings were disturbing: 18 Christian families were living in bondage, their fate controlled by a powerful local landlord. With a distressing ultimatum looming—their daughters potentially being forced into marriages if debts weren’t settled by June 1, 2023—these families faced unimaginable fear for their future.

Our organization sees these situations as severe human rights violations.

The Logistics and Challenges of Conducting a Rescue

Caring for 18 families, totaling 104 individuals, was no small feat. The rescue operation required meticulous planning, factoring in immediate needs such as safe housing, adequate nutrition, clothing, and other essentials, alongside longer-term needs like employment and mental health support.

Thankfully, the generosity of ECSPE’s board members, various partners, and individual donors allowed them to quickly secure the necessary funds. On May 31st, 2023, they successfully conducted the rescue, moving all 18 families to secure locations across different cities.

Post-Rescue: Rebuilding Lives and Offering New Beginnings

Following their rescue, we discovered harrowing accounts of persecution from these families, which we plan to share with the public to raise awareness and foster support. Thanks to, each family received not just a new home but a new start: essential goods to meet their daily needs and employment opportunities to help them regain independence and stability. These provisions ensure that the families can look forward to a future where they can sustain themselves free from oppression.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Fight Against Slavery

Our work does not end with a single successful mission. We remain dedicated to monitoring the situations of these families and to extending our outreach to others in similar plight. The journey towards eradicating slavery is long, and it requires the unwavering support of the global community.

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