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Justice Prevails: The Case of Usman Masih

In recent years, our advocacy group, led by ECSPE, has established itself as a leading defender of individuals unjustly accused under blasphemy laws. A noteworthy example of our commitment and success is the case of Usman Liaquat.

A Fight for Freedom

In May 2016, Usman Masih was wrongfully charged with committing blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam in Punjab, Pakistan. After enduring 21 months of legal battles, we succeeded in securing his freedom on February 16, 2018. Muhammad Moeen Khokhar, the Additional and Session Judge of Ferozewala, openly acquitted Usman, allowing him to walk free from jail, vindicated.

The Struggle Behind the Scenes

The ordeal began when Liaquat, Usman’s father, reached out to us desperately seeking help. ECSPE’s investigation revealed that Usman had previously been involved in an altercation with a group of men who were exploiting local women by taking inappropriate photos and blackmailing them on Facebook. Following their confrontation, these influential and wealthy individuals sought revenge by falsely implicating Usman in a blasphemy case, hoping to imprison him for life.

Their findings indicated that with the backing of local police and some influential figures, these men lodged a blasphemy complaint against Usman. They falsely accused him of sharing anti-Islam material online. Usman, a hard-working employee at a Honda factory, barely had time for social media, let alone to engage in the activities he was accused of.

Exoneration Through Evidence

During the investigation, the police seized Usman’s cell phone and computer. SSP Investigation Mr. Najeeb Ullah Khan later testified in court that no blasphemous content was discovered on either device. Additionally, forensic analysis of Usman’s computer and Facebook account also showed no evidence of the alleged crimes.

Ehsan Asmat, the original complainant in the case, failed to present any credible evidence against Usman Masih, leading to his acquittal.

A Commitment to Advocacy

Over the past eight years, Farrukh Saif and his team have emerged as prominent advocates working tirelessly on the ground, despite the risks associated with defending individuals accused of blasphemy. Life remains challenging and uncertain for minorities in Pakistan. However, we are dedicated to continuing our fight for the countless individuals seeking justice, respect, rights, and dignity.

As we celebrate victories like Usman’s, we remain committed to the cause and encourage you to join us in this fight for justice and human rights. Your support can make a difference in the lives of many. Subscribe, like, follow and/or donate to join in the fight!

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