Rescue, Rehabilitation Missions

Transforming Lives: Success Stories from October / December 2019

Between October and December of 2019, our friends at ECPSE achieved a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to human rights and social justice. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, 25 families were freed from the harsh conditions of brick kiln slavery in Pakistan. This remarkable rescue operation not only freed these families but also offered them a new beginning in safe zones.

A New Chapter in Safe Zones

Upon their rescue, these families were relocated to areas designated as safe zones, where immediate relief and stability were provided. didn’t stop at just offering them refuge; they ensured that these families received the essentials needed to start rebuilding their lives. Each family was provided with a home and opportunities for employment, crucial steps in helping them regain their independence and dignity.

Empowering Through Education

Understanding the transformative power of education, initiated educational programs for both adults and children from these families. This strategic move aims to empower them with knowledge and skills for a better future. The children’s education program is meticulously designed to integrate them smoothly into the schooling system, thereby paving the way for continuous personal and academic development.

Beyond the Rescue: Ongoing Projects and Missions

The work of extends beyond just rescue operations. The organization is deeply involved in other vital projects, including the rescue of abducted girls and legal advocacy for rape victims. However, due to the sensitive nature of these issues, the specifics of these initiatives are not publicly highlighted to protect the privacy and safety of those involved.

Moving Forward with Hope

Each project undertaken by is a step towards rectifying injustices and nurturing a culture of respect and human dignity. While the challenges are daunting, the successes of recent missions provide both motivation and a blueprint for future efforts.

S.NrNames Families Members
1Noor Masih and Family4
2Khurram Masih and Family6
3Fazal Perviaz and Family6
4Khadim Boota and Family6
5Raheel Zahoor and Family5
6Manga Masih and Family6
7Yousaf and Family6
8Murad and Family9
9Farooq and Family6
10Amanat Zafar and Family4
11Robert and Family 4
12Perviz saleem and Family 3
13Gul Masih and Family5
14Javed and Family4
15Kaleem and Family 6
16Anwar Masih and Family4
17Waris Masih and Family3
18Barkat Masih and Family6
19Robin Masih and Family4
20Ashraf Bashir and Family6
21Nadeem Masih and Family6
22Naveed Noor and Family5
23Fazal Masih and Family5
24Imran Masih and Family6
25Bashir Gulzar and Family5