Rescue, Rehabilitation Missions

Our Mission Report, April to June 2020

From April to June, 2020, our team managed to free 28 more families from the bondage of Brick kiln in Pakistan. However, due to the corona virus epidemic, this was a difficult task, as the large transport system and job prospects were impossible. But with the help of few individuals supporters we will able to rescue and resettled these families in the Karachi city. These families were not only slaved in the brick kiln but also were subject of rape and violence. Most of the young girls were raped and mishandled by the kiln owner and his associates.

Following Families we have rescued from the Slavery.

S.NrNames Number of Family Members
1Akram Masih and Family6
2Ashraf Masih and Family5
3Allah Dita and Family5
4Amanat and Family4
5Amanat Khursid and Family5
6Zulifqar and Family4
7Arshad Fazal and Family5
8Aslam Gill and Family5
9Aslam Maish and Family5
10Babar Wasim and Family6
11Boota Masih and Family5
12Chana Masih and Family5
13Fareed and Family5
14Gulshar and Family6
15Hanif yousaf and Family4
16Imran Aslam and Family3
17Ishfaq Ahmed and Family3
18Javed Masih and Family6
19Majid and Family5
20Muhbarak and Family6
21Naseer Ghulam and Family4
22Noor Masih and Family5
23Pervaiz and Family5
24Rasheed and Family5
26Razzak Maish and Family6
27Shida Masih and Family5
28Shazad Barkat and Family5