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Hong Kong’s New National Security Law Raises Concerns Over Religious Freedom

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Hong Kong finds itself at a critical juncture as it introduces a severe new national security law, sparking widespread concern both locally and internationally about the implications for religious freedom and civil liberties.

The Erosion of Religious Freedom in Asia

Across Asia, several governments have imposed restrictions on religious practices, signaling a troubling trend toward curtailed freedoms. With the latest law, Hong Kong joins this list, risking the faith expression of its citizens.

The Fate of Christians in Hong Kong

Christian communities in Hong Kong are particularly anxious about the new changes. Andrew Boyd, a spokesperson for Release International, expressed deep concerns about the law’s impact on the rights of churches in Hong Kong, fearing a situation akin to mainland China.

“In mainland China, the Communist Party is actively dismantling Christian symbols and has a grip on religious practices,” said Boyd. He is alarmed that Hong Kong might soon experience similar intrusions into its religious practice, compromising the Christian community’s ability to worship freely.

Comparisons with Mainland China

China’s track record with religious freedom is far from encouraging. Reports indicate continuous persecution of Christians who are regularly accused of undermining national security. This pattern raises alarms about the potential future for Hong Kong’s Christians.

International Repercussions

In response to the national security law, the UK has offered residency to up to three million Hong Kong citizens, allowing them a pathway to citizenship. The US Congress has also reacted by supporting sanctions on banks linked with Chinese officials undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The Role of the Global Christian Community

Commentator David Robertson highlights the responsibility of Western churches to support their counterparts in Hong Kong. Drawing parallels with historical campaigns against the apartheid regime in South Africa, he prompts the Church to consider similar measures against entities like HSBC and Chartered, which might support the oppressive framework.

Echoes of International Concern

Recently, a collection of influential figures including Dr. Rowan Williams and other church leaders signed a letter expressing grave concerns about the national security law. They urge an international effort to preserve Hong Kong’s autonomy and respect for human rights, emphasizing the city’s brinkmanship at losing its unique status under the “one country, two systems” principle.


The implementation of draconian laws in Hong Kong not only threatens the Christian community but also undermines the city’s autonomy and its international reputation. As protests continue and the world watches, the future of religious freedom and basic human rights in Hong Kong hangs in the balance.

Engage and Act

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