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The Inspiring Liberation of Ashraf’s Family from Bonded Labor in Punjab

In the heart of Punjab, Pakistan, a trajectory of hope emerged as Ashraf and his family, once entrapped in modern slavery, found freedom. This remarkable transformation unfolded in February 2020, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our friends at Their story not only sheds light on the resilience of the human spirit but also highlights the crucial work needed to combat such deep-rooted social issues.

A Journey to Freedom

For years, Ashraf’s family lived under the heavy yoke of bonded labor — a pervasive problem in many regions of Pakistan. Bonded labor often sees entire families working to pay off debts under conditions that violate basic human rights and dignity. In such conditions, escaping the vicious cycle of debt and exploitation is nearly impossible without external intervention.

The Role of

That’s where stepped in. As a beacon of hope for many, this organization works tirelessly to identify and rescue individuals and families languishing in such dire situations. Ashraf’s family was one of the many they have aided, providing them not just with the immediate relief of liberation but also helping them to begin a new chapter in their lives — one filled with possibilities and freedom.

Listen to Their Story

The voices of Ashraf and his family are potent reminders of both the depths of human despair and the peaks of resilience. Hearing their experiences first-hand not only inspires but also ignites a call to action. Their tales of hardship and ultimate relief serve as powerful testaments to the necessity of continued support and awareness in battling forced labor practices worldwide.

A Call to Action

Be a part of the movement that stands against bonded labor. Peruse our website today to learn more about how you can make a difference. Become an advocate for freedom and justice, and help ensure that stories like Ashraf’s end with hope and empowerment.