Wall of Lifeline Sponsors

Wall of Lifeline Sponsors

Welcome to our Wall of Lifeline Sponsors. This special place is permanently dedicated to those who have generously participated in our Lifeline Sponsorship Program, significantly impacting the lives of individuals and families escaping danger in Afghanistan. Their contributions are a lifeline, offering safety and a chance for a new beginning.

Our Lifeline Sponsors, Ordered by contribution amount then date of sponsorship:

Mike Ginsberg

Mike Ginsberg is a dedicated humanitarian, passionate about creating a safer world. Visit their website for more information.

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We deeply appreciate the generosity and commitment of our Lifeline Sponsors. Their support is pivotal in providing help where it's needed most. If you're interested in joining this group of life-changing contributors, find out more about our Lifeline Sponsorship Program below. Together, we can create a chain of hope and survival.

Lifeline Sponsorship Program

This program offers a unique opportunity to significantly impact the lives of individuals and families fleeing danger in Afghanistan. By sponsoring a head-of-household, you provide more than just financial support – you offer a lifeline to safety and a new beginning. Further, each helped family pledges to assist in rescuing two more families in peril, thus creating a chain of hope and survival.

Sponsorship details:

For every $7,000 donation, you can cover the costs of a 2-year work visa, a flight out of Afghanistan, and two months of living expenses for a family head. This support could mean the difference between life and death.

Sponsorship benefits:

As a Lifeline Sponsor, you will receive:

– Permanent Lifetime Recognition: Your name or organization’s name on our website’s “Wall of Lifeline Sponsors.”
– Special Letter/Video from the Family: A thank you note or video from the sponsored family (subject to security considerations).
– Regular Updates: Progress reports of the sponsored individual or family.
– Certificate of Appreciation: A digital certificate recognizing your contribution.
– Invitations to Special Events: Invites to special events, webinars, or meetings.
– Impact Multiplication: The family you assist commits to helping rescue two more at-risk families. Updates on this progress will be shared with you.

Please note, we prioritize the safety and privacy of our beneficiaries. All interactions will adhere to strict safety standards.

Join us today as a Lifeline Sponsor. You’re not just donating; you’re changing lives and igniting a ripple effect of hope and survival.